We are hiring!

ADUS Technologies is constantly growing and looking for new talent. We have open vacancies for front-end and back-end developers of all levels, available in 3 locations in Slovakia.




Front-end Developer

  • knowledge of Angular, React and other Javascript technologies
  • experience with REST
  • basic English language skills
  • Git, Jira

Back-end Developer

  • intermediate knowledge of Java or PHP
  • any ORM framework (Hibernate, Doctrine …)
  • SQL
  • Apache or any Java application server knowledge
  • basic English language skills

Why ADUS Technologies?

“Working for ADUS Technologies gave me an opportunity to move from capital city to more suitable environment for me and my family. I prefer smaller communities and thanks to ADUS Technologies I am able to live and work in one. Also, I like that other people in the company are not just anonymous colleagues but you know everyone’s life story.”

Senior Developer

Friendly workplace
The good vibes of our team will make you happy you can go to the office every morning.

Work-life balance
The work time is flexible and there are no strict rules, it’s always upon individual agreement.

Team building activities
Barbecues, cart racing, company dinners, paintball. It’s always something new and you are encouraged to come up with your ideas.

Place to learn
You will have plenty of opportunity to learn new technologies and skills.