Enterprise services

Enterprise software solutions to optimize costs, improve availability and reduce effort. Adus Technologies helps enterprises to automate their processes, integrate and upgrade existing systems or build new custom software solutions.

Process automation

Do you and your employees suffer from too many tedious tasks to run your business, but no software fits your needs to make the work more effective?

Come talk to us and we will come up with a solution that meets your unique business needs. With custom made software you don’t need to change your fine-tuned processes, instead the software will adapt to you.

Systems integration

Are you struggling to fill the gaps in your current software’s capabilities?

If you are using one or more out-of-the –box software products, chances are they are not capable of doing everything you need. Or they overlap, but don’t work together and you need to repeat certain manual tasks for each of them. We can help you integrate your existing solutions or build additional functionality that will integrate with your current software landscape.

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