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Inventory applikácia pre obchody

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The Inventory project was created with a purpose to improve making inventories in shops and stores. It is designed as Android mobile application, that allows making smart inventories through Bluetooth scale, scanning EAN code of products and exporting entire lists of inventories for reporting to management.


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For Inventory app development, we decided to create a native Android mobile application as a frontend part of the project. This provided us with 100% reliability and adaptability to the device. We used the SpringBoot framework to build a RESTful backend and MySQL database to provide data storage.

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With our mobile application our customers gain tremendous value when creating their stock inventories in terms of speed, workforce and saved time. Easy UI/UX design enriches our application by its clarity and robustness. The application allows creating user roles with specific permissions in the application. The enterprise management thus can have more employees that manage or create inventories.

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Inventory applikácia pre obchody

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