Agile settings for Jira  🇦🇹

Agile settings for Jira 🇦🇹

Technology stack


The client / Austria

The client is an international paper production holding with HQ in Austria

The challenge

Our client, with limited knowledge of Jira, approached us with a need to implement Jira in Agile mode to optimize their project management and workflow processes. They sought a user-friendly solution that would help them seamlessly adopt Jira and harness its full potential for their project management needs.

Náš prístup

To address the client's request, with attention to detail we configured Jira in Agile mode, tailoring it to their specific requirements. Our approach included setting up Agile boards, defining workflows, and providing comprehensive training to their team members. We focused on simplifying the user interface and guiding the client through the initial stages of using Jira effectively.


Our solution had a profoundly positive impact on our client, empowering them to harness the capabilities of Jira for efficient project management. They quickly adapted to Agile methodologies, experienced enhanced team collaboration, and achieved streamlined project workflows. Additionally, our client reported improved project visibility, increased productivity, and a notable reduction in project delivery times. Overall, our solution not only introduced Jira effectively but also significantly improved their project management capabilities.


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