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Very service oriented approach and flexible mindset to meet customer needs. Technical concepts proposed are state-of-the-art and based on industry best practises. We were able to fulfil our obligations towards our customers even in times of high demand, compensating for already booked internal ressources at competitive cost.

ABAX Informationstechnik GmbH

Mag. Gernot Huber
Managing Director


Partnering with ADUS Technologies is easy and straightforward and always beneficial for both partners. ADUS employees are highly skilled and a real asset for clients - the hang in till challenges are solved. Great!

Automate! Europe GmbH

Arnd Niehausmeier
Founder and CEO


ADUS Technologies sú experti, ktorí vždy preukazujú vysokú mieru profesionality, zručnosti a skúseností vo svojom odbore. Vyvinuli pre nás zákazvokový softvérový produkt, ktorý vysoko prekonal naše očakávania.

Treves Slovakia s.r.o.

Ing. Margaréta CHMELOVÁ
Lean manufacturing
SPRINT North-East Europe


We appreciate that ADUS Technologies has not only highly skilled developers but covers also everything around application lifecycle management and DevOps. What´s also important for us - Dusan and his team is reliable, honest and transparent in their work.

Talo IT GmbH

Werner Seidel


From Day 1, ADUS has been a solid partner. Upfront, they prepare each assignment thoroughly, so that client knows what to expect. They have great staff who master the job and report accurately on a weekly basis. The management is very helpful and present no matter if it is related to an ongoing assignment or not.

IT Development SAS

Jerome Perret


ADUS is our proven software development partner, especially when we need a professional we can rely on. In combination with transparent and open communication it's all we need to fulfill any future challenges which our customers prepare for us. Among what was mentioned already in 1, ADUS Technologies had provided us with the exact expertise we've needed at that time and they were even able to advice us on what could be done to make our solution better (even within our limited budget). Such an open-minded and professional approach is very valuable for us.

Hotovo s.r.o.

Ivan Labuda
Head of PMO & COO


Technical skills of the developers. Ability to transform our expectations into the working product. Willingness to find solutions to the project issues. It helped us balance our capacities and expertise and deliver the product for our client.

SCR technologies s.r.o.

Ladislav Šimko, MSc.
Planning Director


Spolupráca s ADUS Technologies bola veľmi príjemná skúsenosť. Na ich prístupe najviac oceňujeme veľkú snahu, štruktúrovaný spôsob práce a silného tímového ducha. Mali sme k dispozícii neustálu zákaznícku podporu počas trvania projektu aj po jeho skončení.

FM Design, s.r.o.

Soňa Kočišová, MSc.
General Manager


They are cooperative, flexible and I can always call them for specific job to do. We really have sometimes few website jobs to do and therefore we always need someone, who can done the job right as it was placed to the programmer and we found one - ADUS Technologies.

GAMBOŠ Autodiely

Ing. Michal Gamboš
Sales Representative


ADUS developers are highly skilled in a wide range of tech and have an exceptionally agile approach; after only a couple of days, we were able to expand our team. They went above & beyond and we appreciated their professionalism.

Reactoo Ltd.

Dušan Brejka
Co-Founder & CTO


We're a technological company and together with ADUS Technologies we speak the same language. Our requirements are always understood and delivered in a seamless fashion. ADUS Technologies crafts enterprise-ready custom software. If there's one thing we specifically appreciate, it's the mindset, that the software needs to run and deliver value continuously, hence the day 2 operations activities are accounted for. They truly care about the product they deliver.
With ADUS Technologies we cooperate on IT Operations topics in a long-term fashion. The skills that the company possesses greatly add value to our business, as they're delivered in a predictable, reliable and transparent manner.

BEROPS s.r.o.

Ing. Bernard Halás

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