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Case studies

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We have created many custom software solutions, throughout the existence of our company. In order to give you more practical examples of how we work and how we can help you, we prepared case studies of some of our past projects.

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No-code Business platform SaaS 🇨🇭

The client / Switzerland Learn more

Public sector intranet e-learning portal customization and further development 🇸🇰

Project management SaaS for Telco 🇫🇷

Industry ERP Java upgrade 6 → 17 🇦🇹

Insurance Portal 🇦🇹

Handheld Scanner technology upgrade for Industry ERP 🇦🇹

Public sector WordPress server migration 🇸🇰

Agile settings for Jira 🇦🇹

Svn to Git migration 🇦🇹

Timm Rocks Startup implementation 🇸🇰

Offline-first Sales organizer 🇦🇹

Database replicator 🇸🇰

Continuous delivery Strategy Analysis & Implementation 🇦🇹

Advanced Ecosystem architecture analysis 🇦🇹

ERP Frontend rewrite from Apache Wicket to newest Angular 🇸🇰

Service & Maintenance Custom International Bookkeeping Software 🇦🇹

Service & Maintenanace Trading ERP 🇦🇹

Angular FE for Risk Management Application 🇨🇿

Digital Corporate Advisor 🇨🇭

Proprietary platform development 🇸🇬

Software Documentation for Industry ERP 🇦🇹

Cyber Security IT 🇸🇰

CI/CD DevOps 🇦🇹

Offline-first Cash register 🇦🇹

Queuing System 🇸🇰

COS Angular refactoring 🇫🇷

Eshop fixes and new features 🇸🇰

E-learning / Education portal 🇦🇹

FM Design Elements 🇸🇰

Fashion eshop 🇸🇰

Helfi sensor monitoring protocol 🇸🇰

Kubernetes 🇮🇹

Migrator 🇨🇭

Information extracting using RPA bots 🇨🇭

Indoor positioning PoC 🇸🇰

Parking module for Slovak Customer 🇸🇰

Pi controlled event room lighting 🇸🇰

WordPress Website for Pharmaceutical company 🇵🇱

AWS support and DevOps 🇸🇰

Remote opening of doors 🇸🇰

Interactive Live-TV streaming 🇬🇧

Devi web application 🇨🇭

New web client for ERP system 🇦🇹

Inventory mobile application 🇸🇰

Document management for aluminium manufacturer 🇸🇰

ERP for paper production holding 🇦🇹

Production planning software for international automotive company 🇸🇰

Public procurement platform 🇸🇰

We became IBM reseller’s technical partner 🇨🇭

Quality assurance services for Telco software vendor 🇫🇷

Dental implant ordering system 🇩🇪

Mobile app to change the world of rally racing 🇩🇪

Contact Portal web application 🇸🇰

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