Why your Software Vendor needs a well-defined development process

Why your Software Vendor needs a well-defined development process

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March 30, 2020

Whenever you look for a software vendor to develop your custom software whether its intended purpose is for internal use or software for your customers, your software vendor should always have a well-defined and transparent development process. A software vendor with a well-defined and transparent development process gives you a number of benefits including:

Choose a Vendor Who Uses a Development Process That Fits the Needs of Your Project

Your software vendor’s development process determines the way that they approach your project. So, finding a software vendor that uses a process fitting for your project helps you expedite the time it takes for you to achieve the goals of the project.

For example, if your goal is to release a minimum viable product as quickly as possible, a vendor that uses the waterfall methodology would not fit well. However, a vendor that uses an agile methodology would fit perfectly. This is because the waterfall methodology aims to create a full product in discrete steps whereas an agile methodology aims to create a minimum viable product at a fast pace then fine-tune it from there.

You Can Create Project Milestones Based on Your Vendor’s Development Process

Tailoring your project milestones to your software vendor’s development process makes for a great way to expedite your projects. However, this requires that your vendor already utilizes a distinct development process in their projects. Basing your project milestones on your software vendor’s development process creates clear guidelines for your vendor to follow that they should already be used to. This ensures you receive exactly what you’re looking for while also making the project as a whole run smoother from your vendor’s perspective as well.

Your Software Vendor’s Development Process Clearly Shows Their Expertise

Looking at your software vendor’s development process shows where their expertise lies. If you’re looking to create an enterprise-level software full of features, you need a vendor with the expertise to execute on your idea. This requires that they utilize a process that fits the level of detail and thoroughness required to create an enterprise-level software.

However, if you’re looking to release your project as quickly as you can to start driving revenue to your business, you need a vendor that understands how to approach a project in this way. These two types of expertise are vastly different and require different processes. So, always choose a software vendor that uses a process that fits your project needs the closest.

A software vendor that always uses the same process also shows their overall level of expertise. Any competent vendor already utilizes a clear process that they’ve fine-tuned over their years of experience. The level of detail they include in their process almost always directly correlates to the level of expertise that the vendor possesses.

For more information on selecting a software vendor, check out our definitive guide to choosing a software development company.

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