Project management SaaS for Telco 🇫🇷

Project management SaaS for Telco 🇫🇷

Technology stack






The client / France

Our client, IT-Development (ITD) is a leading French software company specializing in telco software solutions with clients in many countries around the globe.

The challenge

Telecommunication oriented software company envisioned an web and phone application for managing telecommunication related projects that would help firms participating in telecommunications affairs to manage their tasks .

Our solution

We embarked on this project with a clean slate, aiming to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution. To bring the client's vision to life, we crafted UI/UX designs using Figma, facilitating close collaboration and alignment with proposed requirements. Subsequently, we proceeded to develop both the front-end and back-end of the application from scratch, employing industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies. The final delivery to the production environment was executed successfully, encompassing Docker container setups and the integration of continuous delivery pipelines (Drone CI).

In addition, we implemented an innovative approach for file storage, leveraging the client's SaaS capabilities with Google Drive and OneDrive. This strategic choice ensures seamless data management, enhancing the overall performance and flexibility of the application. Furthermore, we designed and meticulously documented a scalable infrastructure that caters to geographical multi-location needs within Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The system's architecture is based on a multi-tenancy model, and we implemented Google and Microsoft SSO authentication for a seamless user experience.


Our solution has made a significant impact on the client by achieving a successful implementation and delivering substantial operational efficiency improvements. Collaboration through Figma ensured precise alignment with proposed requirements right from the project's inception. Delivering a thoroughly tested version into the production environment ensured a robust and dependable user experience. The implementation of Docker containers and CI/CD integration streamlined development and deployment workflows. Our strategic choice of Google Drive and OneDrive for file storage has enhanced data management, and our designed and documented infrastructure has readied the client for scalability across multiple geographical locations within GCP, supporting their future growth. Google and Microsoft SSO authentication provides convenience and security to end-users, further enhancing the client's overall user experience.



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