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Our Services

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We transform visions into real solutions

We are experts in software technology. Our passion is creating state of the art innovative solutions and push boundaries of what is possible. The wide variety of projects we have under the had helped us perfect our process and optimize all aspects of development.

Custom software development and DevOps

We at ADUS Technologies specialize in custom software development, delivering bespoke solutions that align with our specific business objectives. Embracing DevOps, we foster collaboration between developers and IT operations to automate and streamline deployment, enhancing product quality and accelerating delivery.

Adoption of the existing system and its further upgrades (SLA)

We expertly integrate and upgrade existing systems, backed by robust SLAs that ensure performance and scalability. Our strategic enhancements are designed for minimal disruption and optimal efficiency. Continuous improvement and adherence to SLAs are at the core of our service commitment.

Specification, architecture and design of systems

We specialize in developing precise system specifications, robust architecture, and user-centric designs to meet specific business needs. We turn conceptual models into practical, efficient systems geared for innovation and value. Our meticulous approach spans from initial design to final execution, ensuring seamless deployment.

Technological upgrades

We offer technological upgrades that enhance system functionality and security. We assess your existing infrastructure to deliver compatible and effective enhancements. Our upgrades are tailored to optimize performance and ensure continuous technological progress.

Development of SaaS platforms (delivery from A to Z)

We specialize in the end-to-end development of SaaS platforms, providing comprehensive solutions from concept through to deployment. We manage every aspect of development, ensuring seamless integration, scalability, and robust performance. Our approach guarantees a tailored SaaS product that aligns with specific business needs and market demands.

Analysis, design and architecture, UX/UI

We excel in analyzing user needs and business requirements to create intuitive and visually appealing UX/UI designs. Our architecture and design process ensures seamless user experiences that enhance satisfaction and business success. We focus on delivering user-centered solutions that drive engagement and operational efficiency.

Infrastructure maintenance and documentation

We provide infrastructure maintenance services that ensure your systems operate reliably and efficiently. We meticulously document all processes and configurations to enhance manageability and compliance. Our proactive approach helps prevent downtime and extends the life of your infrastructure.

Technical and user documentation

We create clear, comprehensive technical and user documentation to enhance system usability and support. Our user-friendly guides aid troubleshooting and routine operations. We ensure easy access to essential information, improving system efficiency and adoption.

System integration and connections between

We specialize in systems integration, ensuring seamless connections and interoperability between disparate systems. We enhance operational efficiency and data consistency across your technology landscape. Our tailored integration solutions optimize communication and performance between system components.

Code quality assurance and (automated) testing

We ensure high code quality and reliability through comprehensive automated testing. Our rigorous testing methodologies detect and resolve issues early, ensuring software meets all performance and security benchmarks. This approach enhances product quality and development efficiency.

Development of software products and mobile applications

We specialize in the development of bespoke software products and mobile applications, tailored to meet specific client needs. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to deliver robust, scalable, and intuitive applications. We focus on creating solutions that enhance user engagement and drive business growth.

Agile Project Management

We employ Agile Project Management to deliver projects with flexibility, efficiency, and enhanced collaboration. This approach allows us to adapt to changes quickly and deliver high-quality results in shorter cycles. We prioritize client involvement and iterative feedback to ensure project goals are met and expectations are exceeded.

Agile Teams

At ADUS Technologies, we are a team of developers, testers, product managers, who prioritize flexibility, communication, and collaboration. We work in short sprints to efficiently meet client requirements, continuously adjusting our approach based on feedback. This ensures that our projects align perfectly with client expectations and deliver high-quality results.

Our software development process

Throughout years of our experience, we have perfected our software development process. Yet, we are still flexible and willing do adjust when it is beneficial for our customer. We put great emphasis on keeping you informed and involved in all stages of the project.



We always start with initial talks about your business needs and problems. Understanding, what challenges are you facing, helps us come up with the best solutions.


Budget & Timeline

Then we will talk about timeline and budget. We know you need it fast, reliable and the budget is tight.


Analysis & Design

After that comes a very detailed dialogue about all the functionality and design to make sure that what we create is what you expect. We will document your requirements and you will get to review them.



As soon as we have your approval, we will start with the software development process itself. This will be the fun part! We will show you prototypes and present each feature to you. And thanks to our agile processes, you can still change them! You will also be able to track progress of all project works as we will give you access to our internal tracking tools.


Quality Assurance

We always start with initial talks about your business needs and problems. Understanding, what challenges are you facing, helps us come up with the best solutions.


Production Release

When you are happy with the product, we proceed with final stage and deploy it for production use.



However, this is not the end. Should you run into any questions or problems later after production deployment, we are here to support you. Even if you need to make additional changes, we are ready to jump on it.

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We use the most up-to-date technologies

java stack


JHipster, Spring, Hibernate, Maven

javasript stack


NodeJS, React, Angular, MongoDB

mobile stack


Flutter, Android, iOS, Cordova

other stack


Docker, SonarQube, Continuous integration and more