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everything we do is Agile

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We transform visions into real solutions

We are experts in software technology. Our passion is creating state of the art innovative solutions and push boundaries of what is possible. The wide variety of projects we have under the had helped us perfect our process and optimize all aspects of development.

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Process automation

Do you and your employees suffer from too many tedious tasks to run your business, but no software fits your needs to make the work more effective? Come talk to us and we will come up with a solution that meets your unique business needs. With custom made software you don’t need to change your fine-tuned processes, instead the software will adapt to you.

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Systems integration

Are you struggling to fill the gaps in your current software’s capabilities? If you are using one or more out-of-the –box software products, chances are they are not capable of doing everything you need. Or they overlap, but don’t work together and you need to repeat certain manual tasks for each of them. We can help you integrate your existing solutions or build additional functionality that will integrate with your current software landscape.

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We provide maintenance and support services for all software created by us. Additionally, we are able to provide long-term maintenance, technical support and upgrades to your existing software systems from third-party vendors.

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Mobile Apps

We have extensive experience working on many exciting start-up projects, either mobile, web or hybrid applications. With our budget friendly attitude, you can keep your initial investment within your limits. Also we will offer our experience and expertise to advise which features are really important and useful, or which can be dropped to effectively cut your costs.

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DevOps is an added value to all our software services in terms of automated and highly efficient deployment and testing processes. Alternatively, we are able to setup and provide DevOps services for your existing infrastructure.

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Everything we do is Agile

“The secret to creating high quality software solution is communication. You need to be able to communicate effectively both within the team and with the customer to make sure you really understand his needs.”

Chief Technology Officer

Our software development process

Throughout years of our experience, we have perfected our software development process. Yet, we are still flexible and willing do adjust when it is beneficial for our customer. We put great emphasis on keeping you informed and involved in all stages of the project.



We always start with initial talks about your business needs and problems. Understanding, what challenges are you facing, helps us come up with the best solutions.


Budget & Timeline

Then we will talk about timeline and budget. We know you need it fast, reliable and the budget is tight.


Analysis & Design

After that comes a very detailed dialogue about all the functionality and design to make sure that what we create is what you expect. We will document your requirements and you will get to review them.



As soon as we have your approval, we will start with the software development process itself. This will be the fun part! We will show you prototypes and present each feature to you. And thanks to our agile processes, you can still change them! You will also be able to track progress of all project works as we will give you access to our internal tracking tools.


Quality Assurance

We always start with initial talks about your business needs and problems. Understanding, what challenges are you facing, helps us come up with the best solutions.


Production Release

When you are happy with the product, we proceed with final stage and deploy it for production use.



However, this is not the end. Should you run into any questions or problems later after production deployment, we are here to support you. Even if you need to make additional changes, we are ready to jump on it.

Need custom Software or App? Contact our experts for advice.

We use the most up-to-date technologies

java stack


JHipster, Spring, Hibernate, Maven

javasript stack


NodeJS, React, Angular, MongoDB

mobile stack


Flutter, Android, iOS, Cordova

other stack


Docker, SonarQube, Continuous integration and more