No-code Business platform SaaS 🇨🇭

No-code Business platform SaaS 🇨🇭

Technology stack






Drone CI

The client / Switzerland

Our client is a Swiss software development company

Customer need

This project was initiated to turn a visionary idea into reality - the creation of a no-code platform that empowers users to dynamically define data structures and design intuitive user interfaces through a WYSIWYG interface. Our client aimed to establish a robust SaaS ecosystem characterized by this dynamic approach and a powerful UI composer.

Our approach

From project inception, we have taken the reins of this endeavor, focusing on performance optimization and deploying a robust infrastructure through technologies like Docker Compose and Drone CI. We've implemented advanced user management and permissions systems, laying the foundation for granular control. Furthermore, we have embarked on the development of a multi-tenant rules engine. As a testament to the platform's potential, we have created custom applications, including CRM and Project Management, as proof of concept. Currently, we are actively working on an App Store feature, poised to further enrich the platform's capabilities.


Although the project remains a work in progress, it has already yielded promising results, eliciting client satisfaction with the current state of affairs. The platform's architecture, which leverages Angular for the front-end and Node.js with TypeScript for the back-end, ensures scalability and adaptability. MongoDB, serving as our database, further bolsters the platform's resilience. Our CI/CD pipeline, powered by Docker and Drone CI, optimizes development workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Despite the ongoing nature of this endeavor, our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, feature-rich solutions remains steadfast, as we persist in our journey toward a more impactful outcome.



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