Public procurement platform 🇸🇰

Public procurement platform 🇸🇰

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The client / Slovakia

ADUS-Technologies partnered in development, support and testing for newest platform for public procurements system for simple searching of companies and persons for economical puposes. It is a simple storage of public procurements, companies, owners and customers, where everyone can easily see, which company took which public procurement, their offer and history of each member of this transactions. Therefore it provides smarter way of looking at economical aspects and history of specific companies and legal persons.

Next generation of Java development

Our work consisted of development, support and testing JAVA-based application. Developers from ADUS-Technologies were working very hard to deliver the best solution built on relatively young technology. Whole web-based JAVA application worked on basis of small microservices working together to make system smart, fast processing, delivering the best results in a short time.

Technical solution

Technologies are moving forward really fast, so do we. In this project we used only the most effective technologies. Therefore we were able to build an application of a highest quality and effectiveness.


2x Java developer


6k lines of Java code

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