Dental implant ordering system 🇩🇪

Dental implant ordering system 🇩🇪

Technology stack


doctrine orm





The client / Germany

The company had been managing lots of orders from their clients - dentists and implantologists. Using standard means such is e-mail it became very difficult to keep track of orders and any additional changes. Therefore, we were asked to create an online ordering system for submitting and managing customer orders for implants.

Project goal

The goal of the project was to create an administrative system for managing customers and their orders. The resulting system allows customers to create orders containing  high-volume attachments such as scans of teeth and dental aids.

Technical solution

The technological process consisted of working with object-oriented languages ​​for the backend and frontend, which served as the basis for the implementation of the application itself. PHP was selected as a suitable technology for the backend, which ensures the security of data stored in the database and especially the API as a tool for communication with the frontend. Implementation of front-end components was done in Angular front-end technology. However, main emphasis was on UI and UX design to conform to customer requirements, as well as on responsive and optimized operation of the website.


1x frontend developer

1x backend developer


2k lines of Java code

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