Quality assurance services for Telco software vendor 🇫🇷

Quality assurance services for Telco software vendor 🇫🇷

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The client / France

Our client, IT-Development (ITD) is a leading French software company specializing in telco software solutions with clients in many countries around the globe.

The challenge

The client had been looking for a way to reinforce their quality assurance strategy.

Our customer already had solid quality assurance foundations in place. They had set up the processes for different types of application and source code testing, along with test requirement and test management tools. It was the actual implementation, deployment and running the tests where they struggled, although they had done some work in this area as well.

Our approach

ADUS Technologies has always been very vigorous in quality assurance and testing efforts in all the software projects, therefore we already possessed solid know-how and experience in the field. And so we decided to join forces and create highly specialized quality assurance team for their telco solution.

As a first thing we aligned our test tools, processes and communication channels so that we could cooperate smoothly. A basis for our cooperation became Squash test management tool which was already in place and it allows us to receive test requirements and scenarios from business analysts and manage their implementation and deployment. Then we introduced our DevOps approach for test deployment via JetBrains TeamCity continuous delivery platform running the tests in Docker container. This laid out a framework for our quality assurance process. Since the main focus has been on end-to-end and regression testing and the application was built on Java/Angular platform our tool of choice for test implementation became Protractor.


Thanks to excellent cooperation between both teams we managed to setup everything within just a few weeks from our first talk and started systematic testing at full pace. This ongoing project is still running with both sides enjoying the cooperation and we believe that will continue this way for a long time.



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