New web client for ERP system 🇦🇹

New web client for ERP system 🇦🇹

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The client / Austria

Our long-term client has been using a desktop ERP application with rich client for its paper production operations successfully over many years. However, for certain use cases the rich client was rather cumbersome. That gave birth to the requirement to create a thin web based client for features that need to be accessed from various devices through web or mobile interfaces.

Our approach

The new web interface offers use cases of login, logout, view logged user profile and modify paper thickness value with additional logic such as automatic creation of values after entering specific fields. This allows for better workflow of business processes. The web is available in two languages – German and English with easy way of adding multiple others.

Technical aspects

This web interface accesses data of the legacy ERP, so it is tightly integrated into the original system. Frontend is build with Angular 10 with PrimeNG components. Backend is built as REST communicating interface extension of existing Tomcat Java web server with CXF module. Thanks to use of newest web technologies the development is simplified and offers many features which we could not implement in desktop applications such as three state checkbox which is also used in web.


This solution brings many benefits to our customer. It allows workers to work with mobile devices as currently the thick client is available only via desktop workstation. This increases work effectivity and improves user experience.



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