Production planning software for international automotive company

Production planning software for international automotive company

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Our customer - international automotive supplier with nearly 200 years history and over 20 factories, is doing great job producing quality automotive parts using high-end technology on they production lines. However, they happened to be a bit behind with their production planning software.

Need for a new production planning software

The planning process utilized general office software tools and included manual production plan creation, sharing spreadsheets and manual input of the ongoing production progress. Finally, the spreadsheets would be a source of data for manually created reports. This process created a potential for many errors as all employees had to deal with excessive amounts of data that was not relevant to them and user interface could not be adjusted in a way that would be natural for the specific tasks of different users. Therefore, ADUS Technologies was asked to create a custom solution more suitable for the specific aspects of these tasks.


Main goals of the project were to improve data gathering, production planning and reporting experience. The solution was required to provide production planning functionality with respect to product, production departmnet and production time, allow to record produced items, defected items and production outages. Also it was required to provide integration to external systems for data export purposes.

How did we help our customer

We provided our customer with a custom software solution that exactly maps his needs and tasks of their production planning process. Main benefits of the new solution are simplification of user interfaces, reducing possibility for errors and time and effort spent on production planning.

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