ERP for paper production holding 🇦🇹

ERP for paper production holding 🇦🇹

Technology stack





ibm db2

apache velocity

The client / Austria

Our client is an international paper producing holding company with headquarters in Austria.

Customer objectives

Our customer had been operating their own custom developed ERP system for many years. In order to maintain the system and keep it up to date they had to employ a regular development team to perform maintenance and development tasks not on regular basis. The company struggled with cost effectiveness and budget of this team and therefore, teamed up with ADUS Technologies.

Our approach

ADUS Technologies team carefully examined the ERP system to become familiar with its architecture and business logic. Gaining expertise in a complete custom made ERP was a steep learning curve, though. Our developers had to knock down many non-standard architecture patterns, custom UI framework and complex data model, while our analysts needed to go through hundreds of business processes hard-wired into application source code. However, within a short period of time our team was able to provide full development support and even start delivering new features for the legacy ERP system.

Technical aspects

We were fortunate that the ERP system was built on Java platform with Tomcat server and Spring and Hibernate frameworks. These technologies fall within our main area of expertise and having lots of experience definitely made things easier for both sides. As the next step, we have set up a continuous integration workflow to upgrade the original manual deployment process. This allowed for faster and more reliable delivery and thus additional time and cost savings.

Long-term partnership is formed

With our agile approach the development and delivery proved to be as smooth and timely as with in-house team, while reducing the costs by more than 50%! We’ve been continuously working with the holding ever since and we are proud that our cooperation has grown into a long-term partnership.



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