We became IBM reseller’s technical partner 🇨🇭

We became IBM reseller’s technical partner 🇨🇭

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The client / Switzerland

Softacus AG is a worldwide IBM reseller and service provider with long tradition. Constantly growing its portfolio and number of customers, Softacus wanted a strong technical partner to match their business success. And we are very proud that they decided to partner up with ADUS Technologies. Our responsibility is to provide technical expertise, architecture and development services for Softacus. Main focus is on implementation of extensions and changes to IBM products, but we also provide custom made solutions built from scratch based on customer requirements.

DNG Extensions

One of our main areas of interest in this cooperation is to develop working scripts for system called Doors Next Generation. Doors Next Generationis a requirements management tool that provides a smarter way to define, trace, analyze and manage requirements. Its main goal is to optimize communication and collaboration, which leads to more effectiveness in the working area.This whole platform is running on Jazz Team Server, which is Java-based web application that runs on an application server - either Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Our work on Doors Next Generation consists of creating scripts called DNG Extensions. DNG Extensions are set of javascript-based scripts, which can be easily implemented into Jazz Team Server. This scripts provide simple, clear and user-friendly solution for the end users. We are working on the daily basis with technologies like Java, JavaScript, DNG API, OSLC API and many others to offer our clients the best working solution to manage their requirements for smarter time and resource management.

RPE Studio Templates

Creating templates through Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) studio. Templates themselves describe layout and formatting of documents. There is also an option for input data processing or data driven generation process, both are available by adding JavaScript snippets. The input data is taken from Jazz server using Doors Next Generation (DNG) API and together with base document template with common view settings the final generated document is created. Output formats such as PDF, Word, Excel and HTML are supported. Such documents can be generated directly using RPE studio or uploaded into Jazz server itself and ran from there for certain system views containing document data.


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