Devi web application

Devi web application

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The main idea of this application is to send documents to client's supplier via e-mail and group his contacts. Despite its simplicity, it is built on solid foundations and its functionality has improved over time and has been adapted to the needs of the client. For the needs of this application, which combines sensitive information of client's suppliers, it was necessary to build the security of the user part to the maximum possible level. This means that every logged in user will see and manage only their data and do not have to worry that this data is shared across the application. Of course, the user of this application can modify his data, according to his requirements and customize his user interface. When compiling the application, emphasis was placed on the simplest possible addition of new contacts, as well as their modification with a focus on the main idea of the application, namely sending documents by e-mail. All sent e-mails are also collected and with the possibility of previewing the detail of the e-mail in a clear table.

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Also a design that is not only nice but also practical, focusing on the needs of the user. Not only did we try to satisfy the client with a friendly user interface, but we also ensure fast and reliable communication between the front-end and the back-end and reduce the response time of the application to the smallest possible numbers. To create and manage his account, the user has at his disposal simultaneously and proven procedures, which have been adapted to the client's requirements and are currently used on the most popular websites on the world.

Overview of the application structure

The whole application consists of two parts. The JAVA back-end web application worked on the basis of small micro-services working together to make the system intelligent, fast processing and bring the best results in a short time. The front-end part consists of the latest version of Angular and a well-thought-out software architecture, for the most efficient and reliable communication with the back-end.


Technologies are moving forward really fast, so do we. In a Devi Service we used only the most effective technologies. Therefore we were able to build an application of a highest quality and effectiveness.

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