Handheld Scanner technology upgrade for Industry ERP  🇦🇹

Handheld Scanner technology upgrade for Industry ERP 🇦🇹

Technology stack






The client / Austria

The client is an international paper production holding

The challenge

As the handheld scanners utilized in the customer's warehouses are approaching the end of their operational life, a planned upgrade is underway. This upgrade is intended to introduce an updated User Interface, implementing a modern framework that enhances maintainability and facilitates future development. The goal is to ensure a seamless transition from the old UI to the new one, preserving the user experience while benefiting from improved functionalities.

Náš prístup

Recognizing the importance of preserving familiarity for users accustomed to the current system, international team at ADUS Technologies not only carefully retained key elements and functionalities but also improved performance and responsiveness of new system. Additionally, we've conducted extensive testing to guarantee compatibility with new devices. By striking a balance between modernization and continuity, our aim is to make the update seamless and user-friendly. Users can expect a refreshed interface that maintains the essence of the familiar while delivering improved performance and aesthetics.

Technické aspekty

The system is developed as a web interface that operates within a web browser on the handheld scanner. It seamlessly interacts with the data from the legacy ERP, ensuring a robust integration with the original system. The frontend is constructed using Angular 15, closely aligned with the mock-ups designed in Figma. On the backend, a REST-based communication interface extension is established, facilitated by a Swagger-generated API. By embracing the latest web technologies, the development process is streamlined, resulting in a system that left its outdated appearance from the past behind and embraces a modern look and feel.


The implementation of our comprehensive solution had a highly positive impact on our client's warehousing operations. They experienced a remarkable improvement in scanning efficiency, reduced error rates, and enhanced logistics accuracy. Moreover, the seamless transition to the new user interface provided a familiar and comfortable experience for their warehouse staff, which facilitated quicker adoption.



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