Benefits of a Professional Software Supplier for Your Startup

Benefits of a Professional Software Supplier for Your Startup

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March 3, 2020
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While hiring a single freelancer or an overseas software supplier can seem enticing due to their low costs, almost everyone ends up with a broken product or bloated code. Making sure you receive a fully functional software only becomes more important with a startup when you have limited time to get your name out there. The last thing you want to do is ruin your reputation with the first product you put out.

Professional Software Supplier Provides Full Service Development

A professional software supplier’s ability to provide full service development help makes for one of the major benefits of hiring a professional for a startup. Full service development means they help all the way from idea creation to maintenance support after the product goes live. They can pull from their extensive experience to help you fine-tune your product to ensure your target market can actually use it.

They also help you figure out the most effective way to develop and roll out your product to your target market. This involves looking for cost-saving and time-saving development methods so you can release your product fast and start pulling in some revenue. A professional can also utilize their network to help you find other consultants that will be useful to your company.

Finally, a professional helps with maintaining your software after release. By using a professional to maintain your software you can roll out fast updates whenever a user requests new features or finds a bug. This process builds a relationship between you and your development company. You can utilize this relationship to build future projects with the knowledge you’ll receive a great product tailored specifically to your business.

A Proven Methodology for Development and QA/QC

Most freelancers and overseas developers make a profit by turning out large amounts of projects at a quick pace. This leaves very little room for creating a process then improving that process with each project. Instead, they simply try to complete each project as fast as possible so they can get paid. Sometimes, they even forego a QA/QC project just so they can move onto the next project faster.

A professional software supplier maintains clear guidelines for how they develop projects and how they run their QA/QC process. Clear, detailed methods for developing projects ensures they hit each deadline you set and provide a full project with each feature you request. This also means they can improve on those processes with each project as they learn with each software they develop.

Maintaining a consistent QA/QC process is the only way to effectively ensure a flawless end result. Having a process during the QA/QC phase ensures effective debugging without egos and personal biases getting in the way. Some software development companies even outsource their QA/QC to make sure the software undergoes rigorous testing. This type of quality control is simply outside the budget of a freelancer or overseas developer.

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